First Interview while in India with Mayank Pratap Singh

I arrived at the train station at 11:45 AM to catch my train at 11:30 AM… Yes that means I was late by 15 minutes.  However, the train was still there!  The only problem was I had no idea how to get a ticket so I still ended up missing the train.  After slowly figuring out how to make a reservation, the only available time to reserve a seat for a train ride form Goa, to Kochi was at 6:00 PM… While waiting five hours for my train I struck up a conversation with a local sitting next to me, Mayank.  At first we talked about where each of us was from and what we were doing in Goa.  He took a train down to Goa to enter in a poker tournament, only to find out that it was canceled and rescheduled. After talking some more about fitness, ironmans, and half marathons, I asked Mayank if he would be willing to let me interview him for my blog and he said no problem.  Check out his answers to my questions on life!



=Name: Mayank Pratap Singh

=Age: 26

=How did we meet?: Train station at Goa, India

=Where were you born? Jaipur, India

=Where did you grow up? Jaipur, India

=Where do you live now and why? New Delhi – I work there

=Tell me a little more background information about yourself? (for example about your childhood and or life in general.  Anything you want to add about yourself)

I can safely say that i am an intelligent person as i topped my graduation class. Apart from that i keep on training myself how to “carry myself with others”. Its a phrase my favorite teacher said once and it has stuck ever since.

1) Define Passion (non-romantic passion)

– It is something you love doing all the time, irrespective of the returns.

– If you are passionate for something, you always find ways to do it. If not, you are not passionate enough.

2) List 3-5 of your passions:

– Movies (Bold Italic Underline)

– Mathematics

– Love (i know it sounds cliché)

– Making my family proud of me

3) In your own words, what does it mean to be successful?

– I will call myself successful the day when i will not have to stay away from my family to earn for them.

4) What does being happy mean to you and or define happiness?

– Proving myself in any way makes me happy. People said i am not a smart guy, i proved them wrong in graduation. People said i am not fit enough, i proved them wrong by losing 18 kilograms. Money cannot buy happiness. Now i am beginning to doubt about my B-Plan, but i’ll prove myself again.

5) What is/are the most important thing(s) in life?

– Family

– Health

6) What is your biggest accomplishment in life and/or what else do you wish to accomplish in life?

– Being the University topper of graduation


7) Short-term goals?

– Finish a full marathon by year end

– Getting into a B-school

8) Long-term goals?

– Find funding for my B-plan and build my own business

– Marry my girlfriend 😀

9) Favorite quote(s)?

– “There are always 2 ways to do things – Right one and Easy one.”

10) Favorite book(s) that have changed your perspective on life?

– Not into books. But the movie which changed my perspective is “Anand” (should have won the oscars)

11) If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be and how would you suggest changing it?

– Financial gap. How to change it – the top 1% of the top 1% MUST help someone build their career once a month. (Like Mr. Ratan Tata)

12) What is your philosophy on life?

– Listen to everyone, but in the end do what you feel is best for you.

13) If you had no worries, no constraints, and money was not a concern, what would you do?

– Lighter note – I’ll own all the movies in the world

– Serious note – I’ll at least try to do something about reach of water to every Indian.

14) What are you most thankful for?

– My relationships (family and friends)

15) What stresses you the most in life?

– Money (i hate it)

16) Why do you travel?

– To get into the “me zone”. There i find time to think of my future. Many things which i usually don’t even know are bothering me, come up in this zone. I figure what needs to be done about that, and try to implement at least some of those resolutions. I find time to prioritize my goals.

– De-stress myself


To be continued…

My friend, Mayank, I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.  I enjoyed interviewing and getting to know you.  If/when I make it up to New Dheli I will contact you! Cheers.

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