My New Friend From India, Gaurab

Gaurab helped me get on the right train and find Kathrine.
Gaurab and I took a quick selfie before parting ways on the train.

Gaurab helped me get on the right train and find Kathrine. Meet my new friend Gaurab from Northern India, that I met in Stuttgart, Germany.  I arrived in Stuttgart at night and had no idea where to go.  I was suppose to meet my friend Kathrine at the bus stop, but I accidentally told her the wrong stop.  I quickly used the bus’ free wifi to contact Kathrine and figure out where I should meet her. As the bus drove away with my wifi connection, I still had no idea how to get to where she was.  All I had was the name of the area. I walked over to the train station and found a ticket box where I struggled to find the name of the place and asked a random guy for help. I was able to get a ticket, but then needed to figure out which train to get on.  The guy who was helping me did not seem entirely sure of where to go and we wandered to where he thought the platform was.  Gaurab noticed me struggling and offered to help me out.  We had 10 minutes to wait for the train and started to talk about where we were from and what we were doing in Stuttgart.  I told him about my blog asking people about passion and life and his face lit up.  He then told me he was doing a similar project where he asks people what their dreams and passions were when they were a child.  Gaurab also asks people how they would define life and then based off of their answers he creates a little e-postcard for them!  We exchanged contact information and a quick selfie before we both went our separate ways. 

This is the e-Postcard that Gaurab made for me.
This is the e-Postcard that Gaurab made for me.


=Name: Gaurab

=Age: 29

=How did we meet?:  You asked me for help trying to navigate the train station in Stuttgart, Germany.

=Where were you born? India

=Where did you grow up? India

=Where do you live now and why? Stuttgart, Germany…studies

=Tell me a little more background information about yourself? (for example about your childhood and or life in general.  Anything you want to add about yourself)

Well..I mostly been to different places since childhood..thanks to the kind of job my father had. So there was never a time to think about settling to some particular place or people! I guess the vagabond ideology was implanted since then only.

1) Define Passion (non-romantic passion)

Something you do that makes you feel you are special!

2) List 3-5 of your passions

I have many…the most interesting one is to know what others are passionate about. Personally I like to observe, sketch, sing, take photos and more..

3) In your own words, what does it mean to be successful?

Well to me success is just a mere perception..

4) What does being happy mean to you and or define happiness?

I don’t know..its a very delicate and momentary feeling..maybe something I accomplish or which makes me satisfied

5) What is/are the most important thing(s) in life?


6) What is your biggest accomplishment in life and/or what else do you wish to accomplish in life?

maybe gaining respect for myself, helping and contributing to others and different causes…still searching and still to achieve anything truly impactful

7) Short-term goals?

getting a job

8) Long-term goals?

finding few hidden talents among common people

9) Favorite quote(s)?

there are many…moreover I guess in every situation of life we have some quotes to motivate our self. may be currently “one step at a time’” suits good

10) Favorite book(s) that have changed your perspective on life?

well I love to read and every book gives me something new to think about..nothing specific, but I love travel dairies, non-fiction, short stories and mostly writings which are close to real

11) If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be and how would you suggest changing it?

sense of competition

12) What is your philosophy on life?

doing is greater than learning, and wisdom is greater than knowledge.

13) If you had no worries, no constraints, and money was not a concern, what would you do?


14) What are you most thankful for?


15) What stresses you the most in life?

the sad part called ‘money’

16) Why do you travel?

        don’t know…may be to escape from the busy life 

6 thoughts on “My New Friend From India, Gaurab

    1. Ahh sorry I never saw this Monika! But thanks for the comment. I have many more to add and just need to sit down and write up all of the summaries. Be on the look out for some new adventures. Hope you enjoyed Stuttgart and the weihnachtsmarkt! Cheers


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