Let the Adventures Begin

My name is Denton Asdourian and I just recently graduated from the James Madison University with a B.S. in Psychology and Minor in Substance Abuse Prevention (Spring 2015). Before starting work and or getting my masters degree in counseling psychology I have decided to travel around the world and begin an adventure of a life time.

I thought of a great newsletter idea called Life Around the Planet (L.A.P.) where I will interview various people along my travels and ask them some basic yet deep questions: What makes you happy? What does success mean to you? If you could change one thing around the planet what would it be? and a few more. My goal is to learn and share how other people look at life from a different perspective and that there is no right or wrong answer.

Follow me on my journey to understanding Life Around the Planet… Let’s take a L.A.P.!


5 thoughts on “Let the Adventures Begin

  1. Good luck Denton! Looking forward to following you around the planet. Where does the journey begin? Is there any way to get these posts by email?


    1. I land in Prague on September 12th at 7:30! I am working on how to set this up as a newsletter. Tomorrow I am working with a woman who is suppose to help me get this up and running better.


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